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Email forms the backbone of workplace communication. We cover how to write effective emails in our workshop.

We will show you how the same email can be written differently, many times by just changing the structure & layout to create a bigger impact.

We will also cover the ineffective use of the ever present Reply All feature in emails.

Meetings & Conference Calls

Conducting productive meetings takes practice and effective speaking skills. How many times have you attended a meeting and asked yourself "What was that for?" ?

We cover how to conduct meetings in person and over conference calls. You will get a chance to hone your skills by doing these first-hand during the workshop.


During presentations the spotlight falls on the speaker and only the speaker.

A presentation which captivates the audience, requires effective speaking skills, language skills and the ability to keep your nervousness in check.

You will get opportunities to present two different topics during the course of the workshop. We will coach the exercise before and after the presentations.

2 Saturdays - Oct 8, 15 - 2011
9 AM - 3 PM

Staybridge Suites
2220 Market Place Blvd.,
Irving, TX 75063

$199 per person

Contact Us

Phone: 972-207-0119

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